About me

Hello everyone. If you are reading this then no doubt you are wondering a little bit about this person who has decided to share how they think and see the world.

Well first thing I guess you would like to know is my name is James and I was born and raised in Alabama. I know some people have a rather negative view of Alabama but I promise you if you keep an open mind and read everything for what it is then you just might be surprised by the things you will learn.

I was born in June 1992 and have had many experiences with all sorts of people in my short time on this earth. I desire to remove myself from some of the more negative things that surround me in this world but everything has a time and place and no life is ever going to be completely stress free.

I hope you will read my post and truly consider the message in them for what they are. I write so people can understand the mindset of a young man, maybe to help parents who are struggling with their child, or perhaps just for the curious who want to understand what goes on in young people's mind in this day and age. Whatever the reason, I hope you find the insight of my mind a useful thing for you and I hope you have a wonderful day.