June 19, 2013

How would aliens view humans?

Posted by James

One of the most controversial questions of all time in America is "do aliens exist?" which can be linked back to area 51 conspiracies as well as crop circles and many other unexplained events. Truly though, could you imagine how a species with technology to travel further than our dreams could ever take us, would view us?

I would like you to entertain a small thought for a moment. We, as humans, tend to judge other species that don't really match up to us. For example, you aren't very likely to say a random monkey is your equal. As much as you might like animals you aren't really going to suggest that they have homes of their own, or start working in the business industry.

Aliens would view us in much of the same way, potentially just more dangerous. It is odd, even for me writing this, to think about humans from an outside perspective, but looking at it from a stranger's point of view you could really see a lot of interesting things going on.

Look at all the crime, the murders, the stealing, the assaults, the wars. We are the most destructive species on earth. We easily have the capabilities of not only ending our own kind but many other species on earth. We only have one earth and yet we choose to pollute it and continue to cover it in trash.

I truly believe that if there are aliens out there the reason we haven't heard about them yet is because we aren't ready to. Could you imagine the fear, the riots, and the attacks against them that the human race would certainly commit towards them.  You might not fear them, you might not want to hurt them, but you are not the only one on this earth.

Many would fear, many would riot, and many would demand military action for "our safety". All it would take is one person in power to fire a missile at them and it would ruin our relationship with them forever. If they are smart enough to be able to travel to this planet and observe us than there is no doubt that they have realized this as well.

It will probably not happen in our lifetime but there will be a point where humanity will be able to accept things that are different without fear, but that time is not now, probably not even not near our generation or the next.

What will happen when we are ready to accept them? Only time will tell. I wish I would be able to be alive to see that day when it comes but nothing can last forever and everything has an end. Would you welcome a species more powerful than humans on this earth?