June 20, 2013

Is speeding really worth a ticket?

Posted by James

Admit it, we all go a "little" over the speed limit on the interstate from time to time. Young or old this led foot is something that comes over all of as at some point. Rather we are late for work, really just want to get home, or just don't want to be in our car anymore. We all drive a little faster than we should when the time comes.

But the question is, is it worth it? Is speeding really worth the risk of being pulled over? Is it worth you having to pay a ticket, and potentially spending an hour for the cop to check all your information to make sure you're not wanted for some mysterious crime? I would say no, but many might disagree.

speeding ticket image

Why do I say they would disagree? Because until I sat down and thought about the math behind it, I would of disagreed. Now that is probably strange to hear right? Math is involved in this theory? Yes, I'm afraid so. 

I will keep everything very simple but just think about this for a moment, if you are traveling at 60 miles an hour and someone else is traveling at 65 miles an hour, they are literally only going to be ahead of you by 5 miles after an hour of driving. If you are driving at 60 miles an hour you are literally traveling a mile every minute. You are only 5 minutes behind after an hour of travel.

So what happens if you only drive about 30 minutes? Well the time saved just gets worse, you are only behind two and a half minutes. What if you only drove 15 minutes? Well now you are only behind that person by one minute and fifteen seconds. So yes, oddly enough that extra five miles an hour doesn't really do much for you unless you are driving really long distances?

Keep in mind that the time saved varies depending on the speed limit itself, the higher the speed limit the less affective speeding becomes, the lower the speed limit, the more beneficial it is. Just keep in mind if you were driving 5 miles over the limit and the limit was 30 mph you would still only save 10 minutes after driving a full hour so it's still not that helpful.

So what if I drove 10 miles above the speed limit? Well just go back and double the time saved, it's still not very impressive and it increases the odds of a cop pulling you over even more. The real question here is if speeding saves enough time to justify the risk of having to pay a fine and wasting even more time than normal.

For me the answer is no, it's not. I don't need a ticket to tell me to keep my led foot under wraps, but maybe this post will just encourage some of you to drive even faster now to save more time.

There are obviously even more risk than just the ticket itself. Your car insurance is likely to go up from this ticket, and even though I would hate to think about it, there is always the possibility of a wreck. The estimated increase in damage and injuries can be found in more detail by clicking here.

I'm really curious to what you all think now that this has all been brought out in front of you, will you slow down, speed up, or keep going the way you are going right now? Speeding may not save you a lot of time but it has the potential to cost you a ton of time and some money as well, so just keep that in mind when you see that speedometer going up in your car.