November 22, 2014

What is success?

Posted by James

What is success? Who decides what success is for everyone? The definition of success is somewhat broad from "the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like."How much wealth? How high of a position? What kind of honors? So many people look at the small percentage of people who make millions or even billions and think "That is success".

That isn't to take away from their ability and success in life but it doesn't mean that their amount of money is what made them successful, it's the type of person they became to get that far that made them successful. I strongly believe that you can be successful in life without having to be rich or famous.

Success in life to me is always working towards the happiness of yourself and those you care about. The amount of money you make isn't what's important and in my opinion doesn't decide a successful life even if that's what we are taught to believe. 

Comparing our minimal wage to the money a celebrity makes in a year, it seems like a fraction. The money they make allow them to live a completely different life style than most of us but I ask you to think about this, if you could live that lifestyle, would you want to? I am personally happy living a low profile life, living in a small town and being around my friends and family.

There is nothing as important to me as being around the people I care about and nothing that could make me happier. I have had the amazing opportunity to talk to people from both sides of the world and one thing I have seen is, there are a lot more content, satisfied, happy people who are broke. Why is that?

Well I think for the people who have a lot but don't really have a good business sense to manage it, they focus on nothing but making more or keeping their personal wealth. Fighting to keep it or expand it leaves you to spend more time worrying about your money than you do your life. Someone who has just enough to survive knows they will have food and their loved ones and that's all they really care about in the end.

With all of that said I do believe that you can obtain a lot in life and still be really happy, but I encourage all of you to never let that be the only thing you care about.This world is too big and there are so many amazing people to meet to be blinded and focus only on one thing in life.